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What is an API?

What is an API and how does it enable nVent NUHEAT Signature to work with the Google Assistant® & Amazon Alexa®, and more?

Welcome to the Future of Floor Heating!

Floor Heating for the Connected Home

Floor Heating for the Connected Home

nVent NUHEAT Signature is now the first WiFi-enabled line voltage thermostat to connect with all of these platforms: the Google Assistant®, Amazon Alexa®, IFTTT®, Nest®, and Control4®! In…

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The Heat Tracing Technologies for Winter Rail Heating

During the winter months, snow and ice buildup on rail tracks and overhead contact wires can cause major disruptions to railway operations. Recent winter weather has truly put…

Why is Electric Heat Tracing so Important During Winter?

Proper process temperature heating is important at all times of the year but especially during the winter. The extreme nature of the season can have lasting effects on…

The Benefits of Electric Heating Systems for Your Driveway

There is nothing worse than having to constantly dig out your driveway during Winter. An electric snow melting system can help keep a variety of surfaces clear of…

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Five Ways to Use Electric Heat Tracing

Electric heat tracing is used in many process industries to maintain process fluids at the desired temperatures. Let’s take a look at five common uses of heat-tracing applications…