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Renewable energy infrastructure demands stronger, more dependable electrical system connections to ensure safe and productive operations. The typical solar power array is designed for at least 30 years of reliable service—it is imperative to construct systems with electrical and fastening products specifically designed to provide consistency and confidence over the life of the installation.

In recent years, solar has emerged as one of the fastest-growing renewable energy sectors with a focus on commercial, residential and utility applications alike. Balancing current needs from stable energy sources against increasing power demands has led to an unprecedented expansion of solar technology developments and rapid growth.

Solar Plant Product Value and Benefits of Working with nVent

If you are working on photovoltaic arrays, combiner boxes, inverters and rooftop applications, nVent solutions can offer several benefits including:

  • Reducing costly downtime
  • Easy to inspect in the field
  • Safe and long-term solutions for people and property
  • Technology partner helping to solve product challenges
  • Products meet industry standards and certifications
  • Engineering and design assist services and partnerships to develop the best solution


See the products in action in our virtual environment. 

Key nVent Products for Specifying Engineers and Contractors for Solar Applications

Grounding and Bonding

Grounding and bonding can be found throughout solar applications. nVent ERICO’s wide range of premium, high-quality grounding and bonding solutions include ground rods, nVent ERICO Cadweld, grounding bus bar, ground enhancement material and grounding conductors. These products ground everything from the surrounding fencing to rooftop applications to combiner boxes and inverters and string inverters.

nVent ERIFLEX offers grounding braids and straps for bonding various grounded parts together to increase safety and reliability.

Lightning Protection

nVent ERICO manufactures lightning protection systems in full accordance with 12 major industry standards, including systems based on optimized air terminals and placement as well as isolated conductor systems. Reliable protection of property and personnel demands a comprehensive approach to minimizing threats.

Low-Voltage Flexible Conductors

nVent ERIFLEX has a collection of product solutions for connecting electrical equipment and banking power. These products are low-smoke, halogen-free and flame retardant all while maintaining the level of flexibility and reliability that our partners have come to expect from nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar.

The newest product, nVent ERIFLEX FleXbus, provides a patented connection solution between two pieces of electrical equipment, a great fit for PV arrays, inverters and string inverters. The unique product benefits allow for faster installation and a reduced installation cost without additional design study, specialized workforce or expensive tools.

Additionally, nVent ERIFLEX offers nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar customized solutions creating specialized solutions for inverter and string inverter needs. Our deep industry expertise and years of experience can save significant R&D spending and time.

IBS/IBSB Advanced Insulated Braided Conductor from nVent is the ideal ready-to-install, flexible wire replacement solution. It is specifically designed for connections to all molded case circuit breakers, including the most compact breakers, without any additional accessories such as connectors, spreaders or extenders.

Power Distribution

nVent ERIFLEX offers a wide selection of compact halogen-free single-pole, two-pole, and four-pole distribution blocks and a complete range of assembly support products for easy fastening to DIN rails or steel sheet. The blocks offer easy assembly with visual inspection to allow for confirmation of connections to a wide range of conductors.

Surge Protection

nVent ERICO offers a range of different surge protective devices to be used for PV arrays, combiner boxes, inverters and string inverters including both AC and DC.

Fastening Solutions

nVent CADDY offers a variety of fast, safe and easy product solutions that fit into the PV array application in the field and on the rooftop. Additionally, the nVent CADDY Pyramid Rooftop Supports offer superior load capacity and replace slow, heavy labor-intensive methods to support pipes, conduit, cable trays and equipment.

To see the full overview of what nVent products are offered in solar applications, download the nVent Electrical and Fastening Solutions for Solar Applications brochure or visit our Renewables page.