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Instant Quote App - Powered By MagicPlan

nVent NUHEAT is pleased to announce the nVent NUHEAT Instant Quote App, powered by Magicplan! Instant Quote allows nVent NUHEAT installers to…

• Quickly & easily measure rooms with a mobile device
• Create detailed floor plans & bills-of-materials
• Instantly generate quotes for nVent NUHEAT products, including Custom Mats

…all without leaving the job site!!

Instant Quote utilizes a custom environment within Magicplan, the ultimate mobile measuring and estimating application, to put the power of AR (Augmented Reality) and LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) to work for nVent NUHEAT installers. With Instant Quote, contractors can generate a professional looking List Price quote for any nVent NUHEAT product within minutes of arriving on site. No paper sketches and no waiting! The future of measuring is here!

Benefits of using the Instant Quote by MagicPlan app include…

• Quick & easy measurements without a tape measure
• Beautiful, to-scale floorplans
• Rapid and accurate square footage determination
• Professional-looking quotes for customers
• Exclusive discounts & offers for app users
• Enrollment incentive: $100 Amazon gift card!*

*$100 Amazon gift card will be provided upon completion of online training program and first proof of purchase corresponding to an Instant Quote export. Redemption process will be detailed upon completion of training program. Gift cards available while supplies last.

Enrollment is easy! Just click this link to enroll today: