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As the world changes and becomes more electrified, it creates opportunities for more sustainable energy and power solutions. Because investing in a sustainable future is so important to us, we were excited when we recently were able to reduce our carbon footprint at one of our facilities.

In late 2020, the electricity agreement covering the nVent Thermal Management office in Houston was set to expire. Through an employee-driven sourcing process, we identified an opportunity to sign a renewable energy contract for this location and will purchase 99.9% of its electricity from a wind farm near San Antonio. The renewable energy in this agreement represents environmental benefits equal to the annual greenhouse gas emissions of more than 1.2 million pounds of coal burned or carbon sequestered by nearly 30,000 tree seedlings for ten years.

The Houston office joins the nVent location in Leuven, Belgium as facilities that receive their electricity from renewable sources. The nVent Thermal Management operations team was enthusiastic about the opportunity to become the first United States nVent location to implement a full green energy solution. This approach will also reduce the cost of electricity for the facility by nearly 20 percent over three years.

This contract is a win, both environmentally and financially. It’s a great early step toward our environmental goals to support the communities where our people live and work!