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We celebrate and encourage authenticity at nVent. We strive to create and sustain an inclusive and diverse work environment that drives innovation, connection and growth for our employees and everyone we work with.

In honor of AAPI Heritage Month, our Connecting Cultures Employee Resource Group hosted a panel discussion with nVent employees who recently completed the McKinsey Academy Asian Leadership Program. Abhishek G., Sarah G. and An T. joined us to talk about how their Asian heritage has shaped them and how their backgrounds have affected their work lives.

All of the panelists felt that their heritage has made an impact on who they are and how they approach their work, but their individual experiences are very different:

Abhishek and Sarah also discussed some common misconceptions about their cultures. Abhishek emphasized that Asia is an extremely diverse place, with many different cultures and religions. This diversity within Asia impacts what experiences people bring to their work.

Sarah also discussed the myth of the model minority and the ways this persistent stereotype is used to drive a wedge between different minority groups and minimize anti-Asian racism.

Coming from a different cultural background to work and go to school in the United States created some interesting moments for our panelists. Abhishek and An described moments of culture shock that stood out to them after moving to the U.S.

Finally, Abhishek discussed how Asian representation at the high levels of nVent and other companies has inspired him and brought greater recognition to Asian immigrants in society in general.