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“No one is smarter than all of us working together.”

Ursula is an advocate of life-long learning. She is always taking a class or two outside of work in pursuit of greater knowledge and growth, both professionally and personally.

“My manager believes in me, and has invested in me,” says Ursula, a project leader on the team that develops new products for the nVent Thermal Management segment.

For example, under the company’s tuition reimbursement program, Ursula took a class at Harvard University a couple of years ago. The subject: How to make teams work.

“If anybody needs to know how to make a team work, it’s me,” she said. “That’s because my job is all about helping people accomplish more together than they could by themselves.”

Besides developing new thermal projects, Ursula and her colleagues sometimes update and improve existing products.

“Any kind of project can hit a speed bump or a pothole,” she explains. “Part of my function is to raise a red flag. We’ll knock out the problem as quickly as possible before it adversely affects our schedule. Because it’s super important to launch on time.”