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nVent Chief Human Resources Officer Lynnette Heath was recently featured in the CIO Views “10 Most Influential HR Executives to Watch” issue.  

In an extended profile, Heath discussed her career progression and how she has led nVent Human Resources through building nVent’s culture, several acquisitions and the development of an employee engagement program. Here are a few highlights from Heath included in the article:   

On workplace culture at nVent:  

“People matter to our CEO, our board of directors, and quite frankly, throughout the entire organization. It’s not just lip service. We mean it and want to make sure our leaders are really focusing on our people. It’s our people that make us successful.” 

On why she enjoys working in HR: 

“There are always different conversations, which is what I love about working in HR. It’s not as if I can say, here’s my set schedule, and I’m going to check off everything on my list, because some days I might get through two items that were on my list.” 

On the future of HR: 

“There’s a lot more we can do by equipping our leaders with more robust people analytics, so they have the data they need to help their own organizations invest and grow and be successful.” 

Check out the rest of the article from CIO Views here.