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We are excited to congratulate our Chief Human Resource Officer Lynnette Heath, who was selected as an Outstanding Mother of 2022 by Women We Admire.

As a mother of four daughters, Heath is constantly aware of the shadow she casts as a leader. As CHRO, Heath leads nVent’s culture shaping efforts, making her own emphasis on balancing work and family even more important.

“My role as mother is not equally important to my job—it is more important. That’s why this recognition means so much to me. I love what I do, and I feel fortunate that I love my role at nVent because it makes me a happier mother, wife and grandma,” said Heath. “Mothers and fathers both need to be able to prioritize their families, and we as the business world need to consider how we recognize that. Yes, we need people to perform their roles, but what does that flexibility look like when we need it? How do we support that? People can be successful in all aspects of their life. At nVent we support and promote that approach.”

As a role model for many in the nVent organization, Heath makes it known that putting family first is not only acceptable at nVent—it is embraced. She is known to leave work to go to her daughter’s soccer or hockey games, all the while ensuring she meets the needs of her role and the business. She spends time with her family and enjoys taking her grandkids for sleepovers on the weekends. Heath’s authentic approach to flexibility is a critical piece of how she contributes as a leader, role model and driver of nVent’s great culture.

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