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The updated nVent CADDY Stuff Contractor Appreciation program has launched, recognizing loyal customers for continuing to choose nVent CADDY for projects. Every time a contractor selects nVent CADDY products, there’s a chance to collect points to be used toward nVent CADDY Stuff merchandise!

As your points accumulate, you can select from over 25 items in our nVent CADDY Stuff catalog. Choose from work gear, t-shirts or leisure activity items, and much more – all featuring the easily recognizable and trusted nVent CADDY logo.

The process is easy:

  1. Select and order nVent CADDY products
  2. Your shipment will come in those bright yellow boxes, containing a proof-of-purchase
  3. Cut out the proof-of-purchase and collect as many as you can
  4. Download and fill out the order form PDF
  5. When you’ve collected enough points, send in the form with the correct number of proof-of-purchase tags to: NVENT CADDY STUFF, P.O. BOX 39338, SOLON, OH 44139
  6. Wait three to four weeks for your “stuff” to arrive!
  7. Snap a photo of you and your new gear, and tag:

@nVentEFS on Facebook

@nventcaddy on Twitter

 @nVent CADDY on LinkedIn

  1. Enjoy and sport your nVent CADDY gear proudly!

Check out some of the swag available through our program below:

Want to find out more about the nVent CADDY Stuff program? Download the informational PDF.

Think you have points but aren’t sure? Checking the status of your order?


*Please note, the nVent CADDY Stuff program is only available at this time in North America.