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Early last year, nVent CADDY brought you the most up-to-date and only complete specification sections in MasterSpec to comply with all International Building Codes (IBC). In 2021, we’re doing it again – empowering engineers and specifiers with easy to download specifications to meet 2015, 2018 and 2021 IBC requirements.

Part of nVent CADDY’s ongoing commitment to connecting and protecting facilities, systems and people, we provide the Basis of Design that ensures seismic parts and systems – both rigid and cable – are specified and compatible for your next project.

The best part is that all of this updated information is available for quick download and use right away. Click here to get access to all the specifications one at a time or download the entire package.

What can you expect with these new files? Everything you need to ensure your next project is accurate and compliant, including:

  • Related requirement sections
  • Submittals and delegated-design submittals
  • Shop drawings
  • Seismic design and wind load calculations
  • Special certification of designated seismic systems
  • Products for rigid or cable bracing systems
  • Execution of installations

Have more questions or not sure what specification documents are right for you? With nVent CADDY, we support you throughout the process and we’re ready to help.. You can download a simple how-to document here or contact us for more information on our products and technical data.

nVent CADDY – we make seismic simple.