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As a part of nVent CADDY’s goal of protecting people, property and equipment during and after seismic events, we have created new specifications for mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP), HVAC and fire protection systems. These new specifications make it simple for engineers and designers to incorporate nVent CADDY Seismic Bracing Solutions where they are needed.

The Product MasterSpec specifications can be downloaded, edited and integrated into specifications for commercial and industrial buildings requiring seismic protection, resistance to wind loads and vibration isolation. The specs are the only Product MasterSpec sections that have been updated to comply with the requirements of the 2009, 2012, 2015 and 2018 International Building Codes and their referenced editions of ASCE 7. Federal Law mandates compliance with the 2015 or more recent edition of the IBC for seismic protection of nonstructural components in the United States.

The specifications include requirements for:

  • Related requirement sections
  • Submittals and delegated-design submittals
  • Shop drawings
  • Seismic design and wind load calculations
  • Special certification of designated seismic systems
  • Products for rigid or cable bracing systems
  • Execution of installations
  • And more

We offer both rigid and cable bracing seismic bracing products for mechanical, electrical, HVAC and plumbing applications and works with engineers and contractors to identify the appropriate fixing, fastening and support products for their application. And as part of nVent CADDY services to support seismic bracing systems, we educate and train on installation techniques and tips to meet the codes and standards. See more product information here.

nVent CADDY can provide stamped drawings and bracing layouts with bill of material, and the local, in-market team is available to work through any questions.

View the full set of nVent CADDY MasterSpec specifications and download them now.

Download Now

To find the new specifications on the Product MasterSpec website, visit nVent CADDY on Product MasterSpec – or visit and type “CADDY” into the box in the top right corner, selecting the Manufacturer search. Once the specification is identified, download the word document and save it. From there, edits can be made to the text to fit your project. Download editing instructions here.