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In the 1970s, a bright mind felt that the CADDY brand needed a mascot to reflect the evolving business. After a few napkin sketches during a plane ride, the CADDY Man was developed into a logo and became an instant favorite, highlighted in advertising and catalogs.

With the launch of the nVent CADDY Stuff program in the late 1970’s, customers were able to order everything from mugs to t-shirts with the CADDY Man logo on it. Our bright yellow boxes with the CADDY Man on the side have become a recognized sight on the shelves of distributors and job sites worldwide.

While the CADDY Man has had a few transformations over the years, he still wears his trademark yellow shirt, has his hands in his pockets, and works smarter and safer – waiting on the rest of the job site to catch up to his job well done. He’s an installer, just like the people who use the same, time-saving nVent CADDY products!

Why Everyone Loves the nVent CADDY Man!

So, why has the nVent CADDY Man resonated through the years? He’s relatable to nVent CADDY’s customers. As mentioned above, he is an installer and contractor that wants to get the job done quickly and safely.

When we asked the nVent CADDY team what the CADDY Man means to them and our customers, we got a true idea of why he’s been around so many years.

“I think there was a time when just about every electrician had a CADDY man sticker on his hard hat and if they didn’t, they wanted one! I always carried them with me to contractor visits and trade shows. Everyone recognized him and when they saw the logo you would be welcomed on job sites.”

An interesting anecdote from the nVent CADDY employee above, is that there was a paper mache version of the nVent CADDY Man created for photo shoots in the 70’s. (Seen below)

“When I first started at nVent CADDY, I was visiting hospital job sites in Southern California. We walked onto the job site and walked into the gathering area where the electricians were waiting. One of the electricians turned around and spotted us earlier than the rest, he clapped his hands together and rubbed them back and forth, gave us a big smile and said “CADDY guys, what do you have new for me”.

This seemingly simple moment has left a lasting impression on what it means to be a part of the CADDY team, about how CADDY brings product innovation that makes the guys job in the field easier and how the electricians have a never ending thirst to find the next product to make their job better.”

nVent CADDY Man Through the Years

Take a look through the evolution of advertising and catalogs featuring the nVent CADDY Man.

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