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Meeting fire protection safety requirements in concrete building takes a variety of hangers, brackets, supports, anchors and other fixing and fastening products specifically designed for the job. At nVent CADDY, our job is making yours safer and more efficient, as well as ensuring installations are up to local and current codes and standards. We do this by observing contractors at work and gaining insight into innovative ways to make installations more efficient by reducing unnecessary steps and hardware, limiting the use of tools and taking risk out of the equation wherever possible.

There are a few ways nVent CADDY protects concrete buildings and people against fire risks:

Fire-rated fixing and fastening solutions for electrical installations per DIN 4102-12

In the event of a fire, it is critical that safety-related electrical installations can continue running for a given period. These electrical installations include, but are not limited to, illuminated fire exit signs, elevators, automatic fire-alarm systems, fire alarm speakers, and natural and mechanical smoke ventilation systems.

In order for these systems to continue running properly in the event of a fire, the fastening products supporting the electrical cables responsible for powering this vital equipment should be tested according to DIN 4102-12. Depending on how long the installation kept the electrical cables working, they get an “E” rating: <Use photo of rating logos>

  • E30 for 30 minutes
  • E60 for 60 minutes
  • E90 for 90 minutes

There are various fire-rated solutions available for electrical solutions to fit your building needs:

Large bundles of cable:

  • nVent CADDY J-Hooks – (E30, E60, E90) – Comprehensive range of advanced, non-continuous pathway supports for cables, speeding up installation and reducing material by up to 88% versus traditional cable tray methods. Comes in various sizes, suitable to support power, data, fiber optic and security cable. – E30, E60 & E90
  • nVent CADDY Universal Tray Support – (E30, E60, E90) – Traditional cable tray supports are fabricated with ceiling brackets, strut channels, cantilever arms and other hardware that can be a hassle to manage. After watching installers struggle with various parts, we designed the nVent CADDY Universal Tray Support (UTS) System that attaches to concrete structures without all the accessories.

These supports for ceiling and wall hanging systems adapt to any cable tray hanging method, with a top tab that can be bent when installed. This feature allows extra-wide cable trays to be installed when two brackets are fastened back to back. The supports are also C-shaped so that cables can be conveniently accessed after installation is complete.

Medium bundle of cable:

  • nVent CADDY Metal Pressure Clip (PKM) – (E30) – Ideal for small runs of cables in tight spaces. Fire-rated per DIN 4102-12 when used in combination with specific fire-rated cables and a fire-rated anchor.

Single cable:

Looking for more in-depth information about fire-rated solutions for electrical installations in Europe? Check out our full blog post on this subject.

See nVent CADDY’s full fire-rated product offering in our brochure for electrical installation <Photo of Brochure>

Additional considerations regarding fire-protection and fixing and fastening solutions:

Rely on up-to-code fixing solutions to install and support fire-protection systems

Sprinkler systems are essential to protecting a building against fire, and in order to do so they must be installed properly and comply with key certifications, approvals and guidelines. The key considerations in Europe are:

  • FM Approval (Approval body for sprinkler-related products)
  • VdS Certification (Approval body for sprinkler-related products)
  • EN 12845 (Installation guidelines)

At nVent, we offer a complete portfolio of FM & VdS approved solutions, which comply with the design requirements of EN 12845, helping contractors support fire sprinkler systems in a timely-fashion and a reliable way. From loop-hangers to surge restraints to structural attachments, we have you covered.

Some of the unique nVent CADDY solutions for concrete structures available include:

Please contact one of our Specialists to help you choose the right solution for your next fire sprinkler installation.

Protect your fire-sprinkler systems against earthquakes

With an increasing part of Europe being considered seismically active, it is important to protect fire-sprinkler systems against earthquakes in critical buildings, with the goal of maintaining their function after a seismic event. With the awareness around the requirement of Eurocode 8 creating needed focus around the need to protect these critical systems, it is important to understand how nVent CADDY fixing and fastening products can both connect and protect them.

nVent CADDY offers both cable and rigid bracing options to protect your systems.

  • Cable bracing – a fast and simple seismic bracing method. Cable bracing is the only option when brace lengths exceed the brace length limitation of 9′-7″ (3 m) for strut or when confined and crowded spaces make rigid systems difficult to install. The system includes steel cables complying with the ASCE® 19 pre-stretching requirements, attachment fittings, swaged oval sleeves and related tools, as well as pre-assembled kits.
  • Rigid bracing – this line of innovative rigid bracing products is designed to provide superior performance and meet the highest seismic load requirements. The products have been designed with the end user in mind and provide contractors with labor-saving features to promote quick and easy installation. The system of products supports lateral and longitudinal bracing and offers a wide range of structural and pipe attachments.
  • Accessories and approved anchors for concrete structures are also available.

You need tools that make it simple to select the correct bracing products.

Selecting the correct bracing products for fire protection is easier with the nVent CADDY Bracing Systems Calculator. Our software can be accessed via your web browser (no install required) and gives you dynamic tools to create, manage and reuse fire protection designs. It can also generate a complete bill of material (e.g., pipes, anchors, etc.) as well as submittal forms for NFPA or FM approval.

Engineering calculations to support rigid bracing, cable bracing and branch line restraints are tricky but won’t trip you up using our time-saving calculator. For access, please complete our request form. You will then be contacted within two business days by an nVent CADDY representative.

Select your anchors properly to make your installation complete

To make all these critical installations complete, it is key to use the proper connections to the base material, which is very often concrete. To help you select the most appropriate concrete fixing solution for your need, please have a look at the nVent CADDY brochure:

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