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nVent CADDY clips and clamps for concrete installations benefit customers in Europe by providing them with premium fastening solutions that focus on simplicity, safety and efficiency. The range quickly fastens electrical features, conduits and cables to concrete ceilings or walls with the push of a thumb. Internal time studies indicate reduced installation time by up to 60%. The installer only needs to drill a 6 mm hole, push the product into the hole and add services.

Although installation is a quick and simple process, the product securely holds services in place, even when inverted on the ceiling. This is because the design of the product makes it easy to push in one direction, but difficult to remove. The plastic prongs on the anchor push inward when installed, but spread when pulled, holding it in place.

During installation, the flexible plastic prongs are angled to bend back when pushed into position. The sidewalls of the hole bend the prongs, allowing the quick attachment to structure.

Conversely, pulling the exposed part of the part out spreads the prongs to engage the concrete, keeping the part, and service, securely in place, as shown in the picture above. It is important to consult for the correct load ratings and installation instructions.

nVent CADDY plastic clips and clamps for concrete installations provide the ideal solution for installing pipe, conduit and cable on concrete structures. Additionally, if a fire-rated solution is needed, the same principal is applied to the Light Duty Push-in Anchor. Regardless of the product or application, ease of installation does not come at the expense of safety.

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