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Prefabrication offers countless benefits to installers, and many of these advantages are passed on to everyone involved with the project. When installers use prefabrication, it also helps building owners in the following ways:

1. Reduction of labor cost

The largest expense associated with a construction cost is labor. Although prefab material may be more costly, the price is nothing compared to the amount saved by reducing the time necessary to properly complete the job.

2. Quicker occupancy

Owners establish buildings based on current market conditions. However, because it can take so much time for a building to be designed, approved and constructed, market conditions can change during the time a building is being created. Needs may no longer exist, or the building may be out of date before it even welcomes its first tenant. For this reason, site owners always look for ways to speed up construction. Aside from simply saving money, the site is able to serve a need and generate income sooner.

3. Safer workplace

Safety on a job site is crucial regardless of a person’s role in a large project. Owners, like anyone, want their site to be safe. Prefabrication reduces the possibility of workplace injury, scheduling conflicts among crews, and unnecessary clutter that can lead to accidents.


Prefabrication offers many unique advantages to installers. Learn more about how prefabrication can help your next project by downloading the Introduction to Prefabrication white paper.