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HyShed: Top Five Selling Tips

Some key, valuable differentiators to share with potential customers:

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  • HyShed is available in 23 standard sizes vs 16 standard Rittal HD sizes.
  • HyShed’s more robust hinging system is better equipped to withstand weight loading, while maintaining the integrity of the seal and the enclosure.
  • HyShed carries the 3-A System Component Qualification Certificate; Rittal HD does not. This speaks to cleanability and durability, and adheres to 3-A requirements for equipment going into dairy and protein processing facilities.
  • HyShed is NSF certified; Rittal HD is not.
  • HyShed 15-degree sloped top vs. Rittal HD 30-degree sloped top: HyShed hinged cover models provide an average of 20% more usable back panel space per size of the enclosure. Panel shops, integrators and OEMs often see this as a key decision factor.

HyShed’s overall design is more sanitary with improved latching, reduced crevices and ledges, and a #4 Dairy finish on exterior surfaces. Find additional details in the Battle Card in our digital toolkit. The toolkit contains all sales support materials for download, as well as a number of videos that can be shared with customers and prospects alike.

Have other questions or challenges regarding HyShed? Please reach out to me directly, and I will support however I can!

Marketing Contact:

Dana Myers
Global Product Manager



Register NOW for the July Webinar: The Basics of Enclosure Cooling – Choosing the Right Solution

nVent HOFFMAN’s monthly webinar series has been well received. Many attended our June session, What in the World is an Industrial Thermal Audit?

The topic for the next webinar on July 18 is The Basics of Enclosure Cooling – Choosing the Right Solution.

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Following the event, we will send out a replay link.

For a full list of 2019 webinars that you can share with your customers, click below.

Marketing Contact:

Kevin Clark
Channel Marketing Specialist


Thermal Audit

We are Running out of Time! nVent HOFFMAN’s U.S. Beat the Heat Thermal Audit Program is Halfway Complete!

The second month of our 2019 Thermal Audit Program is in the books! Winners for the month of June will be posted by the end of this week at the Thermal Audit Portal link below. There will be no bi-weekly update for July. Sales and PO Leaders will be posted the week of July 22nd.

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Be sure to attend our upcoming webinar on Choosing the Right Cooling Solution.

Thanks for your support of this program!

Marketing Contact:

Kevin Clark
Channel Marketing Specialist





PolyPro Design Changes

As the tooling molds for PolyPro plastic enclosures have run their course, nVent HOFFMAN has replaced them with the new tools, and there have been a few design changes.

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The changes include:

Glossy, smooth cover face (sides of cover remain textured):

The transition away from a textured cover face allows nVent HOFFMAN to sell a clear cover product. Currently we offer a window product. The window option remains, but eventually there will be an alternative clear cover option to meet customer demands.

Eliminating the grid pattern on the inside of the cover:

This is required for a clear cover option. There are still hash marks on the outer edges, which enable customers to find the center of the enclosure.

Slight dimensional changes (no greater than .03 in.) on the following covers:

  • A664PHC
  • A864PHC
  • A884PHC
  • A10106PHC
  • A14128PHC
  • A16148PHC
  • A181610PHC


Slight dimensional changes (no greater than .03 in.) on the A1084PHC body

Updated 2D and 3D CAD drawings for the PolyPro enclosures are available on our website.

If there are any questions, concerns or general feedback please let us know.

Marketing Contact:

Amy Dawson
Global Product Manager



Genesis ACs

Genesis Air Conditioner Obsolescence

To reduce manufacturing complexities and make the air conditioner selection process easier for customers, we are discontinuing the Genesis air conditioner line. The recommended replacement is our SpectraCool line, which provides customers with better technology and enhanced features.

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The Genesis air conditioner line will be discontinued in two phases during the next 12 months.

Genesis Schedule

We will continue to provide aftermarket support for these air conditioners for two years from the date of manufacture, per the standard warranty. Spare parts will be provided for the same length of time, or while supplies last. After that point, we will not be able to service Genesis air conditioners or provide parts.

Resources (also available in Sales Tools > Marketing Corner > Product Content > Thermal Management):

Click below for a complete list of Genesis air conditioners to be discontinued. The list also contains a replacement product and required adapter plenum cross-reference.

Click to download the SpectraCool brochure:

Click for a sample customer letter to send to current Genesis customers:

Marketing Contact:

Emily Delozier
Global Product Manager




Blower, Select DACS Units and Select Spare Part Obsolescence

Due to component shortages and extremely low order levels, we will be discontinuing select blowers and spare parts. There are no direct replacements for these blowers.

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Blower and DACS Schedule

Download the discontinued list: (Also available on Sales Tools > Marketing Corner > Product Content > Thermal Management):

Marketing Contact:

Emily Delozier
Global Product Manager



EZ Swap Guide

EZ Swap Guide

If you ever find yourself working on a potential competitor air conditioner conversion and would like to quickly identify what we have to offer that customer, the EZ Swap Guide is the tool for you! Similar to the previous EZ Swap App, this tool is a directional guide that allows you to look up conversions from many competitor SKUs to ours, along with the required plenum.

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Currently, this tool has a select list of air conditioner conversions for:

  • Thermal Edge
  • Pfannenberg
  • Rittal
  • Kooltronic

How to use:

  1. Open the excel document on your desktop, or on the Microsoft Excel app on a mobile device
  2. Under “select manufacturer” select the competitor you are trying to convert from
  3. Under “select unit” locate the SKU of the competitor air conditioner
    * If the SKU you are looking for is not there, it is possible that we have not done the conversion. In that case, please contact your regional cooling specialist or our customer service team.
  4. Once entered, the tool will return the correct nVent HOFFMAN conversion as well as the plenum needed, if applicable
  5. Verify the SKU specs with the link provided within in the tool
  6. When you are ready to find a new conversion, click the “new lookup” button (only available on desktop)

Click to access (also available on Sales Tools> Marketing Corner > Product Content > Thermal Management > General Thermal Management Collateral):

Disclaimer: This is not an exhaustive list of all the possible competitor conversions and adaptor plenums. We will continue to update the document as new plenums are created for competitor conversions. The most current version of this tool will be available on Sales Tools.

Marketing Contact:

Angel Daley
Marketing Analyst for Cooling Products



Angled Trough

nVent HOFFMAN Angled Trough Cost Saving Calculator

Are your customers still skeptical about how our new Angled Trough can save them substantial time and money? We have a tool that calculates the exact value of this award-winning product!

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You and your customers can assess the savings of eliminating conduit bends for each job and application in five simple steps.

Click the above link and type in the:

  1. Size of troughs required
  2. Number of troughs required
  3. Number of conduit bends per trough
  4. Price of standard troughs and the new trough (optional)
  5. Hourly labor rates

Angled Trough ROI Calculator

In a couple of minutes, you can calculate the savings and have customers try it in their next job!

Angled Trough Resources:

Product Website Page

Angled Trough Sell Sheet

Angled Trough Success Story

Customer Testimonial Video

Marketing Contact:

Bruna Oliveira
Global Product Manager



Claims Resolution Customer Survey

Claims Resolution Customer Survey – We Need Your Help!

As part of an ongoing effort to improve our tools and processes, we will be conducting a temporary survey tied to our claims resolution process. The survey will be launched in late July and continue for eight weeks. We are requesting your help to ensure this survey is distributed to the proper channels.

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If you create claims in HOFFMAN Connect, you must enter a valid email address in the “Customer Email RGA/Credit to” field. Images of the email, survey and HOFFMAN Connect Claim Item Edit screen are below for your reference. The data for claim number, PO, Issue type and ship date will be relevant to each claim.



Survey email

Survey form:

Survey form

Claim Item Edit:

Survey form edits

Thank you for your efforts!


Walia Hasan
Customer Experience Manager

Kevin Derung
Customer Service Supervisor


Meet The Team


Cooling Aftermarket Team

Meet the Cooling Aftermarket Team!

The Cooling Aftermarket Service Team provides essential support, helping customers when they experience issues with their cooling unit after purchase. By coordinating field repairs to address issues within the warranty period as well as planned maintenance and post-warranty repairs, they help minimize customer downtime.

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Configurators Team

The team consists of (from left to right) Evan Ruotsinoja, Mark Wenz, Lora Backstrom and Brent Arey.

Evan joined nVent HOFFMAN in 2016 and has led the team since 2017. In his spare time, he enjoys camping with the family, motorcycle trips and working around the house.

Mark started with nVent HOFFMAN in April, 2018. He enjoys spending time outdoors camping, fishing, hunting and snowmobiling with his family, friends and dogs. Mark is married and has three nearly grown children. He is a sports fanatic and loves his MN teams – Go Vikes, Twins and Wild!

Lora has been with nVent HOFFMAN since 2008. Whenever possible she enjoys vacationing in Colorado and spending time with family and friends. Her favorite activities include horseback riding, camping and snowmobiling.

Brent started at McLean in 1984 in the Assembly department. In 1986, he became Supervisor of the Final Assembly department. He then moved into Testing in 1990 and Sales in 1998. Brent has been an Aftermarket team member since 2003.