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nVent CADDY Pyramid Tool-Free Supports can be used in a variety of electrical and mechanical installations. However, the cable tray support kit offers several unique benefits making cable management easier and faster to install.

4 Benefits

  • Easy installation. Pyramid Tool-Free supports are easy to move and install. The tool-free plastic pin simply needs to be lined up with the holes or slots in the perforated tray and pushed into place by hand. Once in place, the pin securely holds the tray in position. By eliminating tools, assembly is significantly easier, quicker and safer on the installation crew.
  • Corrosion resistance. Pyramid Tool-Free supports are made of a plastic and foam base with Nylon hardware. Because it is completely made of UV-stabilized plastic, it is not subject to corrosion, ensuring the longevity of an installation.
  • Reduced damage to cables. The rounded heads on the Nylon pins are designed to keep a low profile and not damage cables. If cables are pulled during installation or shift after they are installed, the smooth heads do not cut or scrape the cables. This is incredibly important on rooftop installations where the cables are exposed to the elements.
  • Adaptability. Pyramid Tool-Free supports can be configured to accommodate a variety of installation types. The product is available in three different ¬†widths for different tray sizes. Additionally, if the tray is wider than available sizes, multiple Tool-Free supports can be placed side-by-side to provide adequate support.

Due to its effectiveness as a product and its ease of installation, Pyramid Tool-Free supports are the ideal solution for installing cable tray on a rooftop. Click here to learn more.