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“Over the years, I have very much tried to carve my own path at nVent. I have worked hard, and have also been vocal about my development and career with my manager.”

Those who know Randeep would describe her in two words that also happen to be an nVent value: “positive energy”. Her optimism and intrinsic positivity naturally position her as an inspirational team member at nVent. Her colleagues readily trust and partner with her to launch new products or solutions, coordinate tradeshows or manage programs. She works in the nVent Thermal Management business segment in Canada and has  advanced in three different roles over the last six years: from marketing communications specialist to marketing communications manager to marketing manager.

“I started working at Pentair in 2017, a year before we became nVent,” said Randeep. “In my first role, I worked on the team supporting the nVent NUHEAT products portfolio, one of the only consumer-facing brands in the nVent portfolio. What attracted me to the role was my desire to work for a global organization, but in  an office that was relatively small, and for a brand that operated like a small business, with a very fun and strong culture.”

A standout moment for her in the first part of her career was launching the Smart Home integrations for the nVent NUHEAT Signature thermostat because it provided the opportunity to showcase her creativity.

“We introduced Google Home® mobile application, Amazon Alexa® home assistant and IFTTT® home automation system among other integrations for the WiFi-enabled floor heating thermostat,” said Randeep. “Working on the art concepts/creatives was outside of what we normally did. We also went live with the launch at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, which was a major success.”

Recently, Randeep transitioned to the marketing team to reconnect with her passion for software solutions and applications, which was something she did prior to joining nVent. How did her manager know about her former area of expertise and desire to advance professionally? She told him. Randeep was bold and didn’t hold back in sharing her desire to advance – which ignited her growth.

“Over the years, I have very much tried to carve my own path at nVent,” said Randeep. “I have worked hard, and have also been vocal about my development and career with my manager.”

Randeep says several parts of nVent’s culture drive her to grow her career here. She feels nVent encourages people  to embrace inclusion, respect diversity and connect with others through its Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). She previously served as the communications chair for the nVent Global Women’s Network. The role enabled her to collaborate with people across the whole company.

Randeep also says she likes that nVent encourages its people to give back to the communities where they live and work.  The nVent in Action program matches employee charitable contributions up to $2,000 USD per calendar year.

“I have contributed to various registered charities in Canada over the years, and the company matches my donations. This means my contribution just goes that much further to the cause I am trying to help.”

Finally, Randeep says nVent offers a lot of growth opportunities.

“What I love most about working at nVent is that it is truly an organization where you can progress and grow your career,” said Randeep. “You are not stuck in one role, and I am proof that you can progress and move within..”

Randeep’s advice to others who want to grow their careers at nVent is “Be responsible for carving your own career path.”

She also recommends talking to your supervisor regularly and putting the work into your individual development plan (IDP) in order to meet your future career goals.

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