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“Be confident in yourself, stay strong and keep moving forward.”

Nathan’s story demonstrates the importance of relationships – and being bold enough to ask for what you want or need. After being referred to nVent by a family member, he joined us in 2021  as a customer care data intern, while he was completing his bachelor’s degree in biomedical science.

Nathan supported our customers by helping to ensure deliveries were processed accurately and in a timely manner. This experience helped him understand our inventive solutions. It also gave him a taste of our culture, and he knew he wanted more.

“When my last semester was about to start, I connected with some colleagues who worked for nVent to see if they knew of any sales positions opening up,” said Nathan. “They told me to look into the Supply and Operations Leadership Development Program (SOLD), and the rest is history.”

Nathan got the job in our three-year rotational, cross-departmental program. Since then he has lived in two states and  held two roles.

“I am currently in my second SOLD rotation as a supply analyst for our Electrical & Fastening (EFS) business segment in Solon, Ohio,” said Nathan. “Last year, I was a lean engineer at our Enclosures business segment in Anoka, Minnesota.”

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) at nVent offers exposure to many projects, responsibilities and methodologies. So far, one of the highlights for Nathan is being a part of our rapidly expanding data networking solutions team. “It was incredible to be a part of this change and see it all happen each phase at a time,” he said.

Nathan knows that he can be himself authentically every day. nVent’s culture of inclusion has been another key element of his experience. Through our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), he has been able to meet new people and create new connections for future projects, as he is always looking ahead. Our Employee Resource Groups are formed by employees who share a common interest, background or experience. They are responsible for leading our employee-driven inclusion and diversity efforts.

Nathan is a member of four nVent ERGs: Grass Roots, Connecting Cultures, Charting courses and Allies. He is proud to be a part of the sustainability-focused work being done by our Grass Roots ERG and the mission of nVent of to connect and protect.

“As climate change continues, it is nice to know that I am a part of a company trying to make the world a more sustainable place so one day my grandkids will still be able to run outside,” said Nathan.

Nathan says nVent is a great place for those in their early career phase to gain valuable experience through the rotational program or an internship because nVent  offers a lot of responsibility in these roles and empowers people at all levels to build the future of a more sustainable and electrified world.

“nVent encourages new ideas,” said Nathan. “This is something that is unique in a way, as most organizations won’t listen to the ideas from people that are just starting off in their career. In the LDP, nVent is investing in your career for at least three years. This way, you have stability while still being able to learn from different roles.”

Nathan will be excited to find a full-time role once he completes the program in 2025.

During his more than one year with nVent, Nathan has honed his ability to take calculated risks and does so with while exuding positive energy, one of nVent’s core values. He believes in asking the right questions, making the best decisions based on the data obtained and trying them out to see what happens. “Sometimes you don’t know what to do, but it’s better to ask questions and try your best to do the job right,” said Nathan.

He also urges those early in their careers to “be confident, stay strong, and keep moving forward.”