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Leading companies conduct employee surveys to measure engagement, organizational health, manager/team effectiveness and culture. At nVent, we take employee feedback seriously and use it to create a stronger workplace that employees are proud of. Our people thrive in an environment where they can bring bold ideas, be authentic and build the future of a more sustainable and electrified world because their input is taken into account.

To make sure every employee can express themselves, we regularly invite them to fill take quarterly “pulse surveys”—quick assessments of how they feel about their current work and feedback they want to give on improvement opportunities.

We also conduct a full employee engagement survey every two years. This more comprehensive assessment helps us develop specific improvement action plans.

“Our engagement and pulse surveys are the collective voice of our employees that allows us to capitalize on the things we do well and take accountability for areas where we need to improve as a company,” said Laura Brock, nVent Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer. “We take feedback from our employees very seriously—if we are not above benchmark in a particular area, we invest time and resources to improve the employee experience.”

Nearly 70% of our employees took the June 2023 pulse survey. The results showed we exceed benchmarks in three high impact areas:

  1. Employee satisfaction
  2. Integrity
  3. Inclusion

Not surprisingly, these critical drivers are reflected in nVent’s six Win-Right values. Here are some of the highlights:

  • “I enjoy working for nVent. In the 6 years I have worked here things have improved, especially in the last 3 years.”
  • “I have seen a change in my department for being open to suggestions. Not too long ago differing opinions were not considered and even discouraged.”
  • “We have a great group of team members and the vast majority focus on doing the right thing as a natural part of their day-to-day.”

Employee feedback is always 100% anonymous. While the goal is to use the survey data to create meaningful action plans, we take care to ensure comments can never be associated with a particular employee. For example, a people leader must have a large group of direct reports in order to see all comments their team’s comments. Otherwise, they must filter at a higher level, to ensure anonymity. Our executive leadership team sort information by location, business function or other broad measures to allow them to create meaningful action plans based on feedback. All people leaders are accountable for their teams and feedback. Every people leader has an action plan. They are encouraged to try new approaches, collaborate with their teams and directly address concerns in order to move toward solutions that enhance the employee experience.

In addition to the pulse surveys, we encourage continuous conversations between employees and their managers. These conversations are at the core of our culture. Because we foster a culture of inclusion where employees are encouraged to share, our employees have a lot to say.

Interested in learning more about nVent and how to join our team? Visit our Careers page to explore our open roles and learn how you can bring bold ideas, be authentic and build the future of a more sustainable and electrified world.