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Electric cars are becoming a more common sight on the roads no matter where you may live. Once a rarity, electric cars are now a mainstay in the modern automobile market and with ever-improving technology, are becoming a more viable alternative to traditional gas-powered vehicles. But whether a vehicle runs on gas or electricity, drivers still need a spot to fill up while out on the road. Gas stations have been the location drivers have showed up to for their refueling needs since the gas-powered vehicles creation, but their not much help for the electric vehicle owner—at least not yet.

To meet the needs of electric vehicles, gas stations across the world are beginning to implement Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations (EV Stations) for recharging. Because of their reliance on electricity and power, EV Stations require technology that ensures safe and reliable electricity transfer. EV Stations require highly specialized equipment and infrastructure to help with this process. That is where our team came in.

Looking to implement EV Stations across the United Kingdom, an oil and gas company needed to find a partner that could deliver solutions that make recharging electric cars at gas stations a simple and effective task. With a need for electrical and power protection solutions delivered in a very short amount of time, with space constraints on site and the ability to implement electricity based solutions to a gas and petroleum environment, the oil and gas company found their provider in the nVent ERIFLEX team.

“Electric-powered vehicles are an emerging trend for a variety of reasons, which means there are many great possibilities but also many logistical challenges to address,” said nVent ERIFLEX Vertical Leader, Robin Vaucelle. ““By combining unique, safe, flexible and customized features, our solutions are designed to help address safety and reliability concerns of recharging and ensure drivers of electric vehicles are able to do so without worry.”

Made-to-Order nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar Advanced shaped: twist, bend, fold

Because recharging stations are small, the oil and gas company required a compact design and a solution that didn’t utilize cables because of the space needed for bending. Our line of nVent ERIFLEX products proudly help companies all over the globe with reliable electrical equipment and reduce the cost of their installation projects, which is why the oil and gas company turned to the nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar Advanced as their solution. Flexibar Advanced features thin layers of tinned electrolytic copper formed into a stack so it is dramatically smaller and more flexible than cable. With the ability to be bent, folded and twisted, Flexibar Advanced also improves assembly flexibility, shortens connections and decreases footprint.

nVent ERICO DT2, nVent ERIFLEX IBSB Advanced

In order to make that happen, our team put together two designs in a matter of roughly 6 weeks to create a comprehensive solution. Through our dedication and a major selling effort by our employees, the customer was able to understand the full range of our make-to-order capacity to find the perfect fit for their needs. Transmitting electricity also requires reliable power connections. By utilizing nVent ERIFLEX Power Blocks, the oil and gas company was able to implement certified solutions with high short circuit ratings into their EV Stations’ infrastructure. The Power Blocks offer voltage detection and measurement connection features and can be connected with a variety of conductors, both flat or round. With a unique low-voltage power and grounding design, nVent ERIFLEX Power Blocks are perfect for electricity transfer in a petroleum setting.

All nVent ERIFLEX solutions installed at EV Stations also utilize nVent ERIFLEX Advanced Technology, a unique offering that combines Low Smoke, Halogen-Free and Flame Retardant (LSHFFR) feature to improve the safety and reliability of electrical operations, such as recharging an electrical vehicle. Not only was our nVent ERIFLEX Advanced Technology able to meet the company’s needs, but our complete range of nVent solutions were deployed to ensure a seamless system. This included insulation products and the use of nVent ERICO surge devices to keep the end customer safe and satisfied.

By offering a solution that involved both nVent ERIFLEX and nVent ERICO products, we were able to create a more robust offering and showcase our capabilities as one nVent. Having an all-in-one solution meant that we were able to rise above our competition by simplifying the process for our customer and give them all the tools they needed to be successful in a single, streamlined sales process.

As a leader in low voltage power distribution solutions, nVent ERIFLEX delivered the oil and gas company a comprehensive range of innovative and reliable solutions for EV stations on schedule with reduced total installed cost and increased design flexibility.