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Intentional, culture-shaping activities were a focus at nVent in 2020 and have been since our company launched. As we grow, that work will continue to be a foundational part of our journey.

We believe it’s important to hear from our employees regularly about what we’re doing well as an employer and where we can become stronger. In 2020, 85% of employees participated in our employee engagement survey, and we saw an eight-point increase in employee satisfaction favorability compared to our last engagement survey in 2018. Participation in Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) also increased by 10% in 2020 from 2019, which is important as we believe ERGs are instrumental in fostering inclusion and connecting employees who share common interests, backgrounds and experiences.

Additionally, in response to the social injustices in 2020, we held listening circles with employees throughout the year, brought in experts for moderated panel discussions and learned new skills and ideas through weekly updates from our Inclusion & Diversity team and unconscious bias training. We also reiterated our stance on racism and injustice.

“In 2020, we discovered new ways to connect, engage and learn, and our momentum is building,” said Inclusion & Diversity Vice President Laura Brock. “Our ERGs are growing  Listening circles, panel discussions and shared stories allowed us to be curious, open and vulnerable. As a result, many of our employees became inclusion champions. Connection isn’t just key to our business growth: it is at the core of our inclusive culture.”

In addition to our employee-driven efforts, we took steps as a company to stand against inequality. Along with more than 80 other companies, we joined the Minnesota Business Partnership for Racial Equity, focused on addressing systemic racism through changing public policy, creating more opportunities in the workplace, activating allyship and supporting philanthropic practices. Our CEO, Beth Wozniak, also joined more than 2,000 CEOs and presidents in companies across the U.S. in signing the CEO Action Pledge for Diversity and Inclusion.

Read more about our work in employee engagement and inclusion and diversity in the People section of our 2020 Social Responsibility Report.