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Affordable, sculptable and strong—it’s no wonder concrete remains hugely popular as a building material since the Romans mastered its use over 2,000 years ago. nVent CADDY appreciates the many advantages of concrete and knows contractors need equally robust and rugged fixing and fastening solutions for their next project. In a competitive construction market, products that limit the use of tools, have less loose hardware to manage and that are cleverly designed to eliminate steps can lower the cost of doing business by giving installers more options to work faster, safer and more efficiently.

This thinking already extends to more than 1,500 nVent CADDY offerings for steel structures and now, to an expanding array of concrete fasteners engineered to get the job done. Take for example:

  • nVent CADDY Rod Lock Anchor Screw: These anchor screws are attached to concrete post-pour. These screws offer a simple push-to-install mechanism for common threaded rod applications. This allows overhead structures to be prefabricated off-site and easily lifted and locked in place.
  • nVent CADDY Shot-Fire Brackets: Shot-fire brackets are another innovative way to attach drop rods or wire directly to concrete structures; however, there are many installation tools available and not all contractors use the same ones. To address these inconsistencies, nVent CADDY created an exclusive, longer shot-fire bracket available in 2 versions: one that can be used with virtually any powder-actuated or single-shot gas-actuated tool and another one compatible with the most popular gas / battery-actuated nail guns on the market. Now tight spaces don’t have to slow you down.
  • nVent CADDY Plastic Clips: Attaching plastic clips to concrete walls and ceilings should be as easy as drill, fasten, finish. That’s why we created plastic clips for electrical conduits and cables that install with the push of a thumb to reduce installation time by up to 60%. In practical terms, that’s 24 minutes saved for every hour of work. What could your crew accomplish with all that extra time? (Note: the plastic clip range is only available in select European countries.)

How do we do it?

Product innovation that boosts your profitability is not the result of expert thinking alone. Each year, our specialists spend thousands of hours in the field standing side by side customers on the job site, observing how different challenges can be easily and safely overcome. As much as product features and benefits result from “going back to the drawing board,” it is going directly to the source and engaging users in deeper dialogue that has earned nVent CADDY a trusted place in contractors’ toolboxes for decades. Whether you are seismically bracing a sprinkler system or installing a fire-rated electrical service, you can count on us for a complete bill of materials and the confidence to bid competitively.

Your local nVent CADDY supplier is the place to start your next project. Ask about anchoring, nail, metal decking and plastic solutions that make installing electrical features, conduits and cables a cinch compared to other methods. Or request a project quote and price list right now. Including professional service and support, there are many concrete reasons to choose the nVent CADDY brand.