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On smaller buildings where ceilings are lower and structural elements are closer together, it is easy to attach to structure where features like duct, lighting or signage are needed. However, as modern building methods allow for the construction of larger buildings, catenary systems are becoming more popular. Catenary wires allow contractors to attach the structure end of an installation anywhere that it is needed, regardless of access to the structure. When attaching to a wire specifically placed for installations, contractors can hang services between structural elements and reduce installation time and material.

nVent CADDY Speed Link Catenary System

Attach Between Structural Elements

Larger buildings may have wider gaps between structural elements, like beams and purlins. Installations like signs or lighting may only be useful if they are hung in a very specific location that is not directly under an accessible structure to attach to.

If a catenary wire is installed, the drops can be spaced at whatever distance is required for a secure installation, regardless of the availability of beams or joists to attach to. They can also be placed exactly where they are needed. Once the wire is in place, clips, like the innovative tool-free nVent CADDY Drop Wire Clip, allow for quick and easy installation of wire rope drops from the catenary wire.

Reduce Materials

Additionally, in large buildings, duct, lighting or signage may need to be close to the floor to be useful to the occupants. Without a catenary system, contractors may need to create a strut substructure between the existing structural elements. The substructure can be expensive, heavy and difficult to install.

A catenary system is cost effective, lightweight and quick to install. It is also more visually discrete and does not distract from aesthetical architectural elements. Unlike strut, catenary wire rope has a great strength-to-weight ratio so less material is needed to hold a significant amount of weight, and the nVent CADDY Speed Link Catenary System only requires one person to install it properly.


Catenary systems are becoming more important for precise installations in larger buildings. The nVent CADDY Speed Link Catenary System is designed to be the most effective and user-friendly system on the market. Click below to watch the video and learn more.

nVent CADDY Speed Link Catenary System Video