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“Listen, have patience, have empathy, show respect, speak up, and seek to understand people and projects fully.”

Umair has been with nVent (and its predecessors) in the Thermal Management segment for nearly a decade and thoroughly enjoys working in the niche market of electrical heat tracing. He takes great pride in working for a market-leading, globally recognized manufacturer and it has led him to several rewarding experiences during his tenure. 

He began his career at nVent as a proposals engineer, but was soon offered a position to step into a sales role given the technical expertise required for the industry. Umair quickly accepted and began managing accounts and projects throughout India. During that time, there was a shortage of individuals in the supply team and when a large project required additional support, the leadership team approached him because of his past experience in supply chain management – and due to his reliability. “I was able to perform and exceed expectations, which caught the eye of the senior management who not only recognized my work, but also gave me the option to choose supply as a long-term career path,” said Umair. “One of the best parts of being at nVent is that managers are always on the lookout for the right person for the job – someone who fits the team well.”  

Umair now leads the supply team for the India/Middle East region. He appreciates that each day comes with new challenges and problems to solve. His day progresses like clockwork: checking metal prices, managing vendors and projects, negotiating and reviewing requests for quotation (RFQs). Another thing Umair never forgets to do each day is to check in with at least one member of his team to see how he can support them and help mitigate any issues. “I believe that everything around us is governed by human-to-human relationships, so I try to maintain smooth and regular communication at all times,” said Umair.  

As a people-leader, Umair understands that giving employees a chance to perform is critically important, even if they might not readily possess all of the desired experience and skills. As such, he has created a culture of trust, respect, positivity and performance for his team. He has seen this impact two significant bottom lines: cost-savings and productivity. This is proof that empowering your people has lasting results and boosts morale. “I admire how flexible nVent is as a company,” said Umair. “There is an atmosphere where employees can explore and grow.” 

Umair works primarily onsite, but does have the option to work from home when he needs to. This adaptation has shifted the culture at nVent, and he is forever thankful for the care nVent showed to its employees the past few years. He also attributes accessibility to senior management as one of the reasons he continues to stay at nVent because he feels he is truly a valued member of the team. 

To be successful in your career, Umair offers the following advice: “Listen, have patience, have empathy, show respect, speak up, and seek to understand people and projects fully,” said Umair. “Also, be diligent about doing your part as a member of the team. Success is the collective result of everyone doing their part.”