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Don’t be afraid to forge new connections. Take every chance you can to meet someone new in the office. You never know when you might need their help. 

Louise is a versatile digital marketer who came to nVent from the agency side where she worked to create digital campaigns for a variety of B2C and B2B clients. After almost 8 years (and becoming very adept at plate spinning along the way), she decided to make the switch to a corporate role where she could have greater focus and manage a tighter collection of brands. 

Louise joined nVent as a global digital specialist in our Thermal segment in 2018. Only a year later, she was tasked with a colossal project: website revamp and migration from one platform to another. Instead of fear and anxiety overwhelming her, she was exhilarated. “Getting to strategize with a cross-functional, global and diverse team was an exciting challenge,” said Louise. “Our team rewrote the entire website from the ground up using a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focus and hand-picked all of the imagery and calls-to-actions that are live today. Getting to also sit in on the backend technical build sessions was an eye opener, and brought new skills to my tool bag that I still use to this day.” 

Variety is what keeps Louise engaged at nVent. Working in the digital space, no two days are the same, and she has the freedom to toggle between delivering creative output on the frontend of the website – or working to solve backend technical challenges. Or, she can let her creative juices flow as she builds landing pages, forms and social media strategies to promote our products and solutions. Always evolving, a newer development for the team is showcasing the people behind our products. “It’s my belief that you can’t succeed in marketing without some degree of authenticity,” said Louise. “Recently, we have started incorporating the faces of nVent employees and customers into our social media posts. They resonate well with our audiences because our end-users want to see the people working behind the scenes to deliver great products.” 

Louise is on the forefront of helping to unite all of nVent’s brands into a central digital experience, and she is invigorated by the opportunity to work across all of our business segments. She feels it is where our value of respect and teamwork is displayed best. She believes that celebrating the success of teams is what holds nVent’s culture together. It’s also integrated into her favorite piece of career advice: “Don’t be afraid to forge new connections,” said Louise. “Take every chance you can to meet someone new in the office. You never know when you might need their help.” 

nVent also helped Louise focus more on taking care of herself. She admitted that she never had a flu shot or regular physical as an adult until she joined the company and began taking advantage of sessions offered onsite. Even better, she loves that she gets rewarded for it through our wellness program. Her next big life adventure will be welcoming her first child with her husband. “The parental leave policy and the support from local HR has been great as we start this new chapter of our lives,” said Louise.