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“Network and get involved. Getting to know other parts of the organization and staying involved in the culture drivers of a company can make all the difference in your experience there.”

Danielle’s story is one that exemplifies how advocacy for the career you want is necessary for growth and mobility. Her first step was transitioning out of sales with her previous company and into a marketing role with nVent. This provided her with the opportunity to do something different, enter into a new industry and use talents that weren’t being tapped in past positions. A few years after being in the marketing group for our Enclosures segment, she decided to take on a new challenge: Employee Resource Group (ERG) leadership. 

At the time, ERGs were just being established, and she saw the chance to create space for employees like herself – those that were early in their careers or new to their roles. “Getting firsthand experience on what it’s like to build and run an ERG from the ground up has been my favorite project so far,” said Danielle. “To shape a smaller community within the larger, global nVent community has been such a great learning experience in leadership and collaboration. I really enjoyed getting to participate in both the big idea phase and the execution/framework-building phase of a project.” As the Co-Founder and Co-Chair of our Charting Courses ERG, Danielle was instrumental in demonstrating that even young team members and individual contributors have a voice at nVent. She was encouraged by how hard the company worked to develop leaders and managers that empower their teams. 

Upon witnessing how the ERGs aided in shaping the company culture and driving valuable impact, she realized that she now desired to move into a role that would fulfil a larger sense of purpose for her. Capturing the power of her now-expanded network, she leaned into the relationships she had developed with our Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) team through her ERG leadership to learn about a new opening that was available for an I&D Specialist. After learning more and working through the goals of the department, she quickly knew it would be a mutually good fit – and the team agreed. As an I&D Specialist, Danielle now centers her work around three pillars: 1) ERG leaders and their groups’ initiatives, 2) the nVent Foundation and 3) the I&D strategy/communications. 

Danielle enjoys working at nVent because of the company’s value of respect and teamwork. For her, it’s foundational to how we collaborate and keep moving forward as an organization. She feels 100% comfortable being her authentic self, sharing fresh ideas and giving people perspective on who she is outside of work. Danielle is also extremely grateful for the hybrid working model and time-off benefits because having appropriate time to rest and reset is of vital importance to her.  

Her career advice: “Network and get involved,“ said Danielle. “Getting to know other parts of the organization and staying involved in the culture drivers of a company can make all the difference in your experience there.”