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Hate being Interrupted by Tools?


The development of the CADDY PYRMAID Tool-Free support goes back over a decade. For example, the CADDY Rooftop Pipe Support, pictured in the 2005 ad below, was one of the many predecessors to the CADDY PYRAMID platform. Like CADDY PYRAMID Tool-Free, this product was designed for holding pipes and conduit and did not require the use of additional tools.


The CADDY Pipe Support has been developed upon over the years to make the product easier to use and greatly improve the weight distribution on a roof surface. After years of progress, the result is CADDY PYRAMID Tool-Free. When tested at various load ratings, CADDY PYRAMID products distributed weight significantly better than top competitors. Click below to see the results of the study.

Ready to learn more about CADDY PYRAMID Tool Free?  Use the link below for more information.

Fun Fact: The “Tool” character in Episode 6 is played by one of our very talented CADDY Development Engineers.  Although he is not a tool in real life, he did supply all of his own props.