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As the construction market remains tremendously competitive, contractors must stay ahead of market trends, embrace new and innovative products, and continuously improve efficiency without compromising quality. As a result, manufacturers like CADDY are preparing for another strong year for wire rope support systems.


Over the last several years, contractors have switched many installations from heavy and labor-intensive threaded rod to wire rope support systems for light and medium-duty assemblies. As a result, several major manufacturers continue to meet this demand, expanding their wire rope offerings for different types of installations.

Installers are attracted to wire rope support systems for many reasons: they are easy to transport, install quickly, and can be adapted for a variety of job sites. Many contractors prefer wire rope-based installations over less user-friendly support methods like threaded rod, metal strap, and jack chain.


As wire rope support systems are expected to continue in popularity, discover how they can help you have an efficient year by downloading the Wire Rope Support Systems white paper below.