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Wire rope support systems provide many benefits that make them a superior support method for numerous light and medium-duty applications when compared to threaded rod, jack chain, and metal strap.

When hanging strut with wire rope, contractors need to understand why a typical “double-barreled” locking device may not be the best choice for hanging when compared to a locking device specifically built for strut, like the CADDY SPEED LINK SLS Locking Device



Contractors use wire rope support systems because they are safe, effective and easy to install. However, it is very important to select the proper locking device for each application, based on the requirements of the project. When hanging strut trapeze, the CADDY SLS locking device is superior to “double-barreled” devices on the market because it:

1. Requires Fewer parts

Unlike other support systems, wire rope can be easily adapted to work with a variety of applications. The system appears very simple, but can be easily modified to hang rectangular duct, spiral duct, piping, basket tray, lighting, signage, conduit and almost any other application that hangs from the structure.  When cable supports are used for multiple applications on a jobsite, it greatly reduces the number of different products that are needed, reduces waste, and simplifies purchasing.

2. More Versatile

Steel cable is incredibly flexible and allows for assemblies to be supported from a variety of angles and onto a variety of structures. Unlike other methods that can be rigid and demand timely measurement, wire rope gives installers more slack when installing.

3. Easier and Faster Installation

Traditional support methods can make installing large assemblies very difficult. However, wire rope systems can be installed very quickly. Other hanging methods like jack chain, metal strap, and threaded rod need to be measured, cut, and installed using several tools. Wire rope systems are much easier to adjust and eliminate many of the time consuming tasks required for other installation methods.


The CADDY SPEED LINK SLS Strut Locking Device is designed to be the best on the market. Learn more about what this system has to offer!


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