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What is the ANSI/TIA-568 Standard Series?

ANSI/TIA 568.0-D for Generic Telecommunications Cabling requires a minimum bend radius of four times the cable diameter for four-pair balanced twisted-pair cable during and after installation. For a typical CAT 6A cable (about ¼” diameter), the bend radius for cable supports such as a J-Hook needs to be at least 1 inch. This standard is meant to ensure quality performance and connectivity, support technological innovation, and provide superior, globally accepted products.

Why is this standard important?

Various implications exist for not complying with standards, including the bend radius. Cable manufacturers generally require a proper bend radius and do not recommend cables be held by non-continuous supports that cause indents and creases in the cable jacket as they may affect cable performance. Worse, the cables can be damaged while being pulled during installation, especially if cables are pulled through a directional change.

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