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The nVent CADDY Telescoping Strut Replacement is an innovative alternative to using strut-based trapeze or support structures, and it accommodates standard strut-based fittings. This tool-free solution eliminates the need to handle long lengths of strut and cut sections of strut to size. The bracket telescopes to the desired length, attaches to threaded rod, and is locked in place by snapping closed a spring retainer.


The TSR1220 comes with four different variations of hardware on the ends. Each type helps in specific situations. It is essential to understand the options and choose the best hardware when selecting which variation to use for a job.

1. nVent CADDY Rod Lock


The first end type includes our Rod Lock cartridges, which allow for quick prefabricated assemblies. The push-to-install technology replaces timely threading of nuts and enables installers to simply lift and lock assemblies in place. The Rod Lock version is also very helpful when creating a quick, multi-tier trapeze.

2. Retrofit


The retrofit version has slots on the ends that allow it to be installed above an existing trapeze without having to disassemble any of the hardware below. Previously, when installing a new assembly in a structure with existing threaded rod, contractors had to disassemble all the applications below where the new assembly was being placed. With the retrofit version of the TSR1220, installers simply install four nVent CADDY SN nuts, extend the TSR and tighten the nuts.

3. Standard Swivel-Nut


The standard TSR1220 has captive swivel-nuts that allow the TSR to be quickly screwed on to the threaded rod with no loose hardware. The nuts rotate in place and swivel the Telescoping Strut up or down without the possibility of losing or dropping hardware.

4. No Hardware


The last version of the TSR1220 does not have any hardware. This allows installers to use the  product on a threaded rod larger than 1/2” or M12. It also can be attached to a wall for hanging panels or other strut-mounted wall units.


The Telescoping Strut Replacement is an innovative time-saving alternative to strut. Learn more about the product by clicking the button below: