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Installers enjoy using wire rope support systems because they are flexible, adaptable and have a great strength-to-weight ratio. However, in order to enjoy all of the benefits of the system, it is important to select a product that is user friendly.

Often, when wire rope segments are handled by an installer, they can be very easily twisted, tangled or permanently bent. This is a hassle for the contractor and negates the boasted time savings of the product. Many large competitors on the market opt to simply wrap the individual pieces of wire rope with a plastic band, or worse, they package several wires in a single bag. Although this may work with one piece of wire, when several are packaged together, tangles are common, causing frustration and delays.


The tangled wire on the right is common when wire rope segments
are packaged improperly.

The CADDY product development team prides itself on creating innovative solutions for customers. This includes the packaging of the product. Anything that impacts the user experience must provide value. Regardless of the end fitting or locking device, every pre-cut length of CADDY SPEED LINK wire is packaged individually in its own plastic bag or sleeve. This allows the cable’s spindle to remain intact during travel and not twist around itself or other cables in the box. Once the product is on the job site, the bag or sleeve is easily removed and the product is quickly installed.


CADDY SPEED LINK is designed to make every step of installation easier on the contractor. Learn more about this innovative product by downloading the Wire Rope Support Systems white paper.