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In 1956, the CADDY brand was the first to develop and market spring steel fasteners. Since then, spring steel has gained popularity, and the offering has expanded due to cost effectiveness and ease of installation.



Its unique treatment process allows spring steel to bend but quickly return to its original shape, making it unique compared with mild or cast steel. The following four traits make spring steel ideal for fasteners in light- and medium-duty applications:

1. Gripping Force

Because of the elasticity of spring steel, the fastener tightly grips whatever it is attached to. Thus, it stays in place and can support a load without releasing from the structure.

2. Load Capacity

The gripping force allows spring steel to easily support many light- and medium-duty applications.

3. Lightweight

Spring steel is stamped rather than cast like many traditional parts. Over the course of a project, the product’s extra weight can add a significant burden to the installation crew and the structure where it is installed.

4. Good Material Compatibility with Typical Steel Substrate

Since the material is steel, it does not have adverse reactions when attached to steel structures. As a result, spring steel fasteners can be used on a wide variety of structures.


nVent CADDY has a long history creating innovative spring steel fasteners. Click below to learn more about what differentiates nVent CADDY spring steel.