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The retrofit TSR1220 revolutionizes the way contractors install new applications in an existing structure. Previously, workers needed to take present applications off of the threaded rod in order to install new assemblies above them. However, this process is greatly simplified with retrofit TSR1220.

TSR1220 Retrofit:

The TSR1220 is a telescoping strut channel designed to reduce installation time and simplify the construction of trapeze assemblies. The product comes with four different end fittings, one of which is designed to make retrofitting new applications on existing threaded rods much easier.

The TSR1220 retrofit is designed to take advantage of the existing space between the structure and the assemblies that already sit low on the threaded rod trapeze. Although different than current methods, the process is very simple and limits buidling downtime and installation time.

It can be installed in four easy steps:

Step 1: Add Four SN Nuts


Attach four CADDY SN Nuts to the threaded rod above and below the space where the TSR is going to be installed. SN Nuts can be installed on the middle of the threaded rod without needing to be threaded up from the bottom. Thus, the bottom trapeze and everything it is holding can stay completly intact. Leave some space on the threaded rod between the nuts so there is room to install the bar.

Step 2: Extend the TSR1220


Once the nuts are in place, the TSR1220 can be extended out to reach the rods on each side. Because the ends of the TSR are cut in an L-shape, it needs to be turned into place to fully engage the rods.

Step 3: Lock the retainer strap


Snap the spring steel strep into place to lock the TSR at the desired length. 

Step 4: Tighten the nuts


Tighten all of the SN Nuts around the TSR.



With the new TSR1220 retrofit, it is significantly easier for contractors to install new applications in an existing structure.

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