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Contractors use wire rope support systems because they are effective and easy to install. Although all wire rope support systems are made up of the same basic components, locking devices can look and install differently based on the manufacturer. Because of this, it is tremendously important that contractors look for these three features when selecting a cable support system.


Although all cable support systems are designed to effectively hold the wire at the indicated load rating, there are different features that make some systems easier to install or more secure.

Make sure that your cable support system is:

1. Keyless

Some locking devices include a small key to lock and unlock the wire in the locking mechanism. Keyless systems are easier to use because they can be installed much quicker and eliminate the risk of the keys being dropped or misplaced.

2. Usable with Gloves

The locking device has to be used by workers who are often wearing work gloves or other protective gear. However, many locking devices on the market need to be intricately handled in order to properly lock or unlock the cable. When comparing locking devices, it is important to remember that workers will have their fine tactile abilities limited. Good locking devices are robust enough to be used without removing gloves.

3. Double-jawed

Inside the locking device, there are several ways that the wire is gripped. Some systems have one cam that presses the wire against the side of the housing. A much more secure locking device will have two cams or two jaws that both squeeze the wire. Double-jaw locking devices are less likely to slip, and work better than a single-cam system, especially if a wire is dirty or painted. 

4. Easy to adjust

When installing multiple cables off of a single piece, it can be difficult to properly level and align the whole system on the first try. Good locking devices allow the installer to make slight adjustments after the initial mounting without having to dismantle the whole system. 


Cable support systems offer many unique benefits to installers. To learn more about these advantages and selecting the right product for your next project, click below to download the free Cable Support System whitepaper.