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The Telescoping Strut Replacement is the award-winning alternative to using strut-based trapeze or support structures and accommodates standard strut-based fittings. This tool-free solution eliminates the need to handle long lengths of strut and cut sections of strut to size. The innovative design also allows contractors to install a trapeze on existing threaded rods without disrupting functioning services. 

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The benefits of this innovative product are so impactful, it was awarded the EC&M Product of the Year 2017Learn more about the benefits and try this award-winner for yourself!


Benefits to Retrofitting with the TSR1220:

The retrofit TSR1220 revolutionizes the way contractors install new applications in an existing structure. Previously, workers needed to take present applications off of the threaded rod in order to install new assemblies above them. The slotted ends on the TSR1220 retrofit makes it possible for installers to slide them in above an existing trapeze.

1. Quicker Installation

The new installation method with the TSR1220 is much quicker than traditional methods because it cuts out several of the steps associated with retrofitting applications above an existing trapeze. Previously, the entire application needed to be taken apart, removed from the rods, lowered, stored, and reinstalled. Now, contractors are able to easily place the new TSR above the existing trapeze and leave the lower levels untouched. The same task can be completed in a very small fraction of the time, saving time and money for the contractor and site owner.

2. Less Building Downtime

Previously, taking utilities offline would necessitate the closure of buildings or sections of buildings. The process was bothersome and costly . When retrofitting with the TSR1220, existing applications are largely uninterrupted, reducing or eliminating building downtime.

3. Improved Safety

Dismantling large existing applications above the ground in an existing building is potentially very dangerous. The entire application needs to be taken apart, removed from the threaded rod, and lowered to the floor. The process of taking everything apart and moving it opens up possibilities for property damage or worker injury. The TSR1220 can be installed above an existing trapeze without needing to remove applications that are already present, avoiding the dangerous process and improving workplace safety.


The TSR1220R is not only easier to install, it also opens up many other benefits to contractors that are in this difficult situation. Click below to request your own sample