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Wire rope systems are a superior support method when compared to threaded rod, jack chain and metal strap. 

In particular, while threaded rod is a popular hanging method for large mechanical applications like pipe and duct, wire rope support systems offer unique benefits that often provide a better method of installation.



1. Speed

Wire rope support systems are installed more quickly than threaded rod because of its simple process. Wire rope can easily be attached to both the structure and the assembly. When the wire needs to be looped, it can simply be fed through a locking device and secured in place. The threaded rod method involves more steps and time to complete the tedious tasks of cutting and deburring rods and threading nuts onto the rod.

2. Flexibility

Threaded rod is very rigid. It demands precision, which can be difficult when also trying to install quickly. With wire rope, contractors have more slack and are better able to accommodate complicated environments such as sloped beams or off-center installations.

3. Adjustability

If small adjustments in height are necessary after the piece is lifted, wire rope systems are easy to adjust. Conversely, assemblies fastened on threaded rod take a significant amount of work to fine-tune. Tools are required to loosen up nuts, raise or lower the strut, and move the assembly. This process needs to be completed for every threaded rod. With cable systems, installers just need to unlock the locking device, raise or lower the assembly, and lock the wire rope at the desired height.

4. Weight

The strength-to-weight ratio of threaded rod is much lower than wire rope. It takes a heavier threaded rod system when compared to a wire rope system holding up the same load. Thus, wire rope requires fewer trips to the job site, reduces worker fatigue and saves money on transportation. Additionally, once the project is completed, wire rope puts less stress on the structure, improving building safety.

5. Tool-free

Proper installation of a threaded rod trapeze requires the use of several tools. Wrenches are used to secure the clamp to the structure and to tighten the nuts around the strut. With a cable support system, neither of these tasks are needed, and the entire assembly can be installed without tools. As a result, work is much more efficient and time working overhead is minimized.


Cable support systems offer many unique benefits to installers. To learn more about these advantages and selecting the right product for your next project, click below to download the free Wire Rope Support System whitepaper.