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Traditionally, loop hangers have been commodity products that are mostly similar across manufacturers. Although they are low in material cost and sufficient at holding pipe, they are very difficult to use because of the long, tedious installation process. Most contractors typically install pipe by sliding each section through the hanger individually and then adding turns, sprinkler heads, and branch lines later. The whole process is physically exhausting and involves hours of dangerous overhead work.

The CADDY Drop-in Loop Hanger is designed to make the installation process much safer. Large assemblies can be prefabricated on the ground and installed in one piece.



In 2014, falls accounted for most workplace injuries and fatalities. This can mostly be attributed to workers spending long amounts of time completing overhead work on lifts and ladders. Prefabricating ceiling work makes the installation process much quicker and safer because it moves work offsite or to the floor. Simply, if workers spend less time in the air, they are less likely to get hurt.

Because of the design of typical loop hangers, contractors have to install sprinkler pipe, sprinkler heads, pipe turns and branch lines while suspended in the air. The entire process is very time consuming, and almost all of that time is spent near the ceiling.

The Drop-in Loop Hanger is designed to allow contractors to prefabricate sprinkler pipe, sprinkler heads, turns and branch lines and quickly place the entire assembly into the hanger. Most of the difficult and time consuming work can be done on the floor of the jobsite or in an off-site prefabrication shop, limiting the amount of time spent in the air.

The Drop-in Loop Hanger not only saves installation time, but is also intended to make the installation process much safer for the contractor.


The Drop-in Loop Hanger revolutionizes the installation of pipe. Learn more about the product by clicking below.