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Traditionally, pipe hangers have been commodity products that are similar across manufacturers. Although low in material cost and sufficient at holding pipe, they can be expensive because of the long, tedious installation process. Most contractors install pipe by sliding each section through the hanger individually and later add turns, sprinkler heads, and branch lines. The whole process is timely and involves hours of tedious overhead work.

The CADDY Drop-in Loop Hanger makes installation much simpler and quicker. Because pipe does not need to slide through the hanger, large assemblies can be prefabricated on the ground and installed in one piece.



Training new fire sprinkler contractors is expensive and time-consuming. New employees are crucial to the continuation and expansion of a business but can be very costly. The Drop-in Loop Hanger makes the transition of new students onto the job site much easier for several reasons:

1. Less Time Required for Training

The Drop-in Loop Hanger simplifies installation. As opposed to a timely installation with traditional pipe hangers, the Drop-in Loop Hanger is installed more quickly and is an easier process to teach. Installers can fabricate different applications on the ground and then quickly lift and drop the entire piece into place. Using the Drop-in Loop Hanger improves how quickly it can be installed—and how quickly the process can be taught.

2. Experienced Labor Focuses on Advanced Tasks

Because the Drop-in Loop Hanger enables prefabrication of sprinkler systems, installation is completed in stages. This allows a student to learn one part of the process while experienced workers can focus on more advanced aspects of the installation.

3. More Convenient Teaching Environment

When training new employees, the setting must be conducive to effective communication. Previously, to demonstrate proper installation of sprinkler systems, installers and students would have to spend extended time close to the ceiling. Because the Drop-in Loop Hanger moves more work to the ground, contractors can better demonstrate proper installation of various applications.


The Drop-in Loop Hanger revolutionizes installation of pipe. Learn more about the product by clicking below.