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Brace Yourself and Your Pipe
The nVent CADDY catalog includes a complete line of products for properly bracing sprinkler pipes and other applications. CADDY TV Episode 9 is the first segment to explore CADDY bracing products. Compared to the competition, these two parts really put the “quick” in Quick Grip and Quick Grip Jr. when bracing service pipe for seismic or other catastrophic events!

Quick Grip Lateral Sway Brace features an innovative design for quick attachment of brace pipe to service pipe, saving time and money. It can be used on pipe sizes 2.5″ to 8″ and are UL listed and FM approved as a brace.

Quick Grip Jr. Laterial Sway Brace is also designed to reduce the total cost of a project through labor savings. It can be used on pipe that range from 1″ to 2″ and is FM approved as a brace. However, the Quick Grip Jr. is UL listed only as a restraint, and not as a brace.

In addition to electrical, mechanical, and datacom products, nVent CADDY offers a number of seismic bracing products.