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A Behind the Scenes (er, walls?) Look at the CADDY MP1P

In this episode of nVent CADDY TV, Rick talks about his favorite low voltage mounting plate, the MP1P, and gives you a “behind the walls” view of the installation.

nVent CADDY offers a number of different low voltage mounting plate options. First up is the MPLS low voltage mounting plate. This plate is designed to make fishing” wire easier and is easily installed with a drywall saw and a screwdriver. It eliminates the need for an electrical box when installing low voltage Class 2 wiring.

Rick’s favorite option, however, is the nVent CADDY MP1P low voltage mounting plate. The MP1P has no sharp metal edges thanks to its plastic design. Rick likes this one the best because it is the easiest to install and no tools are required for installation. Additionally, there are template points on the bracket to help mark the cutout during installation.

Just another innovative solution from nVent CADDY products, our job is to make your job easier.