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Three Ways CADDY SUPERFIX is Better than a Split Ring Hanger

A split ring hanger can effectively hold a pipe from a threaded rod, but if you do not have three hands, they can be very difficult to install. nVent CADDY Superfix is designed to make installation much easier. Unlike a split ring hanger, nvent CADDY Superfix has the added benefits of:

  1. One-handed closing– The nVent CADDY Superfix locking device can be closed with just one hand, making it possible for one person to easily install a piece of pipe.
  2. Noise reduction– The rubber lining on the inside of the clamp holds the pipe firmly in place and can serve as noise reduction.
  3. No loose hardware– In the video, Rick makes it very clear that when using a split ring hanger, the installer should put the screw “somewhere where you can find it.” This is because the small loose screws can easily be dropped, lost, or misplaced. The screw in nVent CADDY Superfix does not need to be completely removed to open and close the clamp.

Fun Fact:  The “third hand” in this video was that of the Product Manager for nVent CADDY Superfix and many of our other products that serve the plumbing and HVAC markets.