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The Possibilities are Endless with CADDY Products
In this episode of nVent CADDY TV, Rick discusses the variety of nVent CADDY products that support MC/AC cable such as the MAC2, MCS, and WMX6 series.

The MAC2 MC/AC cable-to-stud clip supports two runs of MC/AC cable and snaps into place on the metal stud and beam flange. No tools are required for installation, and it is manufactured with stabilizer legs for virtually “wobble-free” support. 

The MCS50 MC/AC cable support bracket supports four runs of cable and neatly isolates, supports and secures MC/AC cables. It properly spaces MC/AC cable to help eliminate bundling and NEC and CEC derating issues. The result is a neat and workmanlike installation.

Lastly, the WMX6SF cable hanger with shot-fire bracket allows for bundle runs of MC or AC and is complete with a shot-fire bracket and pre-assembled drive pin. The integrated pin installs using powder-actuated or single-shot, gas-actuated tools, easily attaching to concrete, steel or composite metal decking.