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Nuts about the SN and SNSW

In this episode of CADDY TV, Rick demonstrates the two varieties of nVent CADDY Rod Lock SN and SNSW nuts. Unlike other nuts on the market, the slotted design of the SN and SNSW saves hours of tedious work by allowing installers to place the nut anywhere on the threaded rod instantly instead of having to spin it all the way up to the desired height. Additionally, once SN or SNSW nuts are placed on the rod, they can be spun up or down like a regular nut, allowing for fine adjustments.

Both the SN and SNSW function the same way and are ideal for retrofit applications where it is required to install a service above an existing installation. The difference is that the SNSW has an attached washer, making it an ideal stopper when installing CADDY Rod Lock Strut or the CADDY Rod Lock Telescoping Strut Replacement. The SN nut is best suited for any installation where a nut is needed in the middle of a long length of threaded rod.

CADDY Rod Lock products are particularly useful when prefabricating trapezes for installing runs of conduit or pipe, duct, and cable tray.