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Rick Goes Bananas for the EC311 Clip
In this episode of CADDY TV, Rick discusses a code change that inspired nVent CADDY to develop the EC311, Electrical Drop Wire/Rod Securing Clip (nicknamed the “CADDY Banana”).

In the past, it was common practice to secure branch circuit wiring, data cables and alarm cables to ceiling-support wires. Currently, the NEC 300.11 (A) requires an independent means of support, no longer allowing wires that do not provide secure support to serve as the sole support. To make it easier for installers to comply with the code change, nVent CADDY developed the EC311 Electrical Drop Wire/Rod Securing Clip. The product name reminds contractors that it meets code requirements. 

The three most important features of the EC311 are that:

1. It helps prevent sway of dedicated electrical drop wire/rod.

2. No tools are required for installation.

3. It is painted yellow for easy identification by the inspector.