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Rick Demonstrates Couplers and a Bar Joist Hanger

In this episode of CADDY TV, Rick demonstrates the three varieties of nVent CADDY Rod Lock Couplers with a focus on nVent CADDY Rod Lock Bar Joist Hangers. Aside from simply extending the length of threaded rod, couplers are ideal when fireproofing insulation is applied to the structure. As Rick knows, this can create major headaches for installers because they cannot add, remove or move structural attachments once the coating is applied. Couplers can be used to attach assemblies to an existing threaded rod that extend beyond the fireproofing.

nVent CADDY Rod Lock Couplers and Bar Joist hangers offer further improvements through nVent CADDY Rod Lock “push-to-install” technology. Previously, threaded rod needed to be rotated into the coupler, making it nearly impossible to install prefabricated modules with multiple pieces of threaded rod. With nVent CADDY Rod Lock coupler products, large assemblies can be easily lifted and locked into place.