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What Makes Contractors Choose CADDY?

In this episode of CADDY TV, Rick talks about the history of our spring steel line and nVent CADDY Armour coating.

What makes contractors choose nVent CADDY? 

Unmatched Quality

Contractors need assurance that the products they purchase are going to fulfill their needs and ultimately solve their everyday problems, such as cost savings associated with labor and material management. nVent CADDY is committed to earning the trust of contractors by providing the best solution—one that is simple, intuitive and helps to provide a lower total installed cost. nVent CADDY Spring Steel products are all stamped, heat treated and coated with CADDY Armour in house, where we can control all aspects of the process and focus on the quality output so customers get the highest quality solution for the job.

nVent CADDY Armour provides the highest level of corrosion resistance for steel fasteners on the market today. It is the latest nVent CADDY innovation in coating technology and provides an extremely consistent and even coating. This aesthetically pleasing appearance is particularly important for installations in highly visible areas such as open ceilings. nVent CADDY Armour is a three-layer coating system that is RoHS compliant and provides the following protection:

  • First layer – A surface preparation of the steel fastener. It is a chemically-bonded layer that improves coating adhesion.
  • Second layer – A basecoat formulated to self-heal from scratches and sacrifice itself to protect the fastener.
  • Third layer – A topcoat that provides added barrier protection.

Superior Innovation

The versatility of nVent CADDY products covers a range of assembly configurations and orientations with fewer parts. Our unique solutions are easy to use and offer flexibility to adapt to the needs of specific projects. Contractors can reap the numerous benefits of using spring steel in the application of fasteners, including:

  • High gripping force
  • High load capacity due to exceptional tensile strength
  • Lightweight
  • Good material compatibility with typical steel substrates
  • Ease of installation