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The nVent CADDY Lateral Telescoping Brace Assembly (CSBT) is designed to overcome many inconveniences of using a traditional lateral brace. Unlike other products on the market, the CSBT is simply attached to structure, telescoped to meet the pipe, and quickly locked in place with a threaded V-bolt.



Through its unique design, the CSBT allows contractors to enjoy new benefits when installing seismic bracing systems for sprinkler pipes.

1. Easier Material Handling

The CSBT combines the multiple parts needed for proper installation of a lateral brace into a single product. This makes material handling much easier because only one part needs to be ordered, transported and inventoried. Furthermore, because the V-bolt accommodates multiple pipe sizes, only one product is needed for any pipe between 1” and 4”.

2. Installation Time Savings

Unlike competitors, the CSBT can be completely installed without measuring or cutting. The product is simply attached to structure, telescoped to meet the pipe, and quickly locked into place. Compared to the multi-step process for proper installation of traditional hardware, the CSBT can be installed in a fraction of the time.

3. Safer Job Site

The telescoping feature of the product is designed to also make the job site safer for the installer. Previously, workers spent considerable time on lifts or ladders completing difficult and precise work. Now, contractors can spend less time and complete simpler tasks in the air. This helps reduce the likelihood of injury by decreasing the length and complexity of overhead work.


The Lateral Telescoping Brace Assembly is changing the way contractors brace sprinkler pipe. Learn more about the product and its time saving benefits by clicking below.