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The product development team for nVent CADDY products has been incorporating Rod Lock push-to-install technology into structural attachments and support products for years. Unlike traditional hardware that involves spinning or threading nuts, Rod Lock allows threaded hardware to simply be pushed into the cartridge and locked into place.

The new Lateral Telescoping Brace Assembly (CSBT) uses this technology on the threaded V-bolt that secures the pipe to the brace assembly. The new application of Rod Lock technology offers several unique benefits to the installer when compared to existing products on the market.


1. Time Savings

Because the V-bolt is threaded, it is easily attached and locked into place. Traditional methods involve the tedious task of looping the brace around pipe and securing it. Now, the v-bolt is pushed into the Rod Lock hardware until it meets the pipe and the bolts are quickly tightened. The entire process can be completed by one person in much less time than with traditional hardware.

2. Ease of Use

CADDY ROD LOCK “push-to-install” technology makes the CSBT much easier for the contractor to handle and install. The V-bolt can be quickly attached with only one hand, greatly simplifying the difficult process of installing a traditional lateral brace.

3. Fewer SKUs

The threaded V-bolt can be used to brace any service pipe from 1-4”. This allows for one version of the product to be used with multiple pipe sizes. The different sizes of the CSBT are for different extension lengths of the telescoping member, not different pipe sizes. As long as the approximate length of the needed brace is known, one product is required for all sizes of pipe. This makes ordering, stocking, and moving the product much easier because it limits the number of SKUs needed.